Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dear Crew (8 months)

Dear Crew,
Mommy is a procrastinator. Especially with your blog.
So it might not be perfect yet. But I am going to write to you anyway!
You are 8 months old. I truly dont know where the time has gone.
It's absolutely crazy how fast you have grown.
I know i say that all the time but its true.
Somethings that I absolutely love about you.

How excited you are to see me in the morning. You smile from ear to ear as soon as the door opens.

I love our tickle fests and how you pull my hair while I make you laugh ;)

You make this scrunchy face and snort when you get frustrated. It's pretty odd dude.
But hilarious still.

You are doing soooo amazing at swimming lessons you have moved up in your class!
You are with kids all over 1 year old ;) this makes daddy so excited.
Faster we have you swimming, the faster he has you surfing!

You and Bubba nap together. He sleeps under your crib and you love when he runs into your room to get ready for nap time! Melts my heart.

I love that you dont just toss out the smiles for anyone.
You only smile if you REALLY REALLY mean it. So when someone get's a smile
its a BIG DEAL. ;) But it makes me and your daddy feel so loved when we get smiles and laughs often.

I love that you are such a snuggle bug. You love to bury your head into my neck and just hold me. Sometimes you do it for daddy too. But mostly just me. Thank you for being my momma's boy.

I love you baby boy and cannot wait to wait you grow!
Love ,
Your Mum